Spray-On Method

Your purchase of the ESS-13 Spray-On formulation includes on-site technical representation during the installation process by an SCI Installation Specialist. The ESS-13 Spray-On application is most effective if applied during a rain-free period from the start of the project until the pond is full. Temperatures during the entire sub-grade preparation and installation need to be above freezing.

The following are our basic instructions. Please consult with your sales rep for more specific information pertaining to your project.

  • Supgrade Preparation
    The sub-grade shall be free of rock outcrops or other foreign debris. Any areas that are predominantly sand or gravel should be over-excavated by a minimum of six inches and replaced with an approved soil.
  • Product Sprayed On
    The ESS-13 Spray-on application is most easily applied with a water truck, but other spray equipment is acceptable. The product will arrive on-site in 55-gallon drums. The product should be transferred from the drums into the water truck under the direction of the on-site Seepage Control Field Representative. The product should then be sprayed on to the prepared sub-grade starting at the top of the slope, working downward. It is important that the spray is uniform, covers the entire area, and is not at a rate that causes erosion. The product is to be applied in repeated light applications that build on each other. Once the sub-grade is thoroughly covered, the application is complete.
  • Allowed To Dry
    The sprayed-on liner should be allowed to air dry for 1 to 3 days, depending on weather conditions.
  • Covered and Compacted
    It is then covered with a layer of moisturized and compacted soil.
  • Erosion Protection
  • Three-Five Weeks Later
    The lake can then be filled.
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