Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will this affect my irrigation cycle?

There is minimal disruption to the irrigation cycle during a Waterborne application.  Seepage Control representatives handle this on a case by case basis.

2. How long will the pond stay white?

A typical application will keep the pond white for 3-6 weeks. 

3. Does the product have any odor?

Generally, ESS-13 has a mild vegetable oil smell to it.  If the product is stored in the container for an extended amount of time, it may develop a more pungent smell.  If this occurs, we do have an easy remedy to use prior to application.

4. Can I continue to use my pump with the product in the lake?

Most pumps can still be run during the installation and treatment of our product.  If there is a filter in the system, it should be bypassed to ensure that the product does not clog the filter.

5. Should I remove my cattails first?

Cattails and any other vegetation that is not wanted should be removed prior to installation.  If this removal disrupts the soil, re-compaction should be completed prior to the installation of ESS-13.  An accurate 24 hour vertical loss measurement needs to be taken after cleaning and before applying ESS-13.

6. Does this product work even if I have a previous synthetic liner?

When ESS-13 Waterborne product is applied, it naturally disperses through the entire pond and is drawn wherever water migrates.  If the water is going under the liner, the product will follow the flow of water and attach to soil particles under the liner.  In many cases, there is no need to drain your pond and remove your existing liner.

7. Will the installation be disruptive?

The Waterborne application is the least disruptive method for sealing golf course ponds.  Simply bring the container to the pond and pour or pump the product directly into the pond.  Minimal equipment and labor is required.

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